The Subjectiveness of Seeing

Profound and challenging reflections from Deacon Jess Foster on her recent inter-faith visit to Israel/Palestine. How willing are we to have our lenses changed so that we see differently? How willing are we to have our preconceptions – maybe our prejudices – challenged? Read on.

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Walking along the canal today I passed a man who was intent on taking a photo. He stood for quite some time focussing and refocussing a professional looking camera, gazing at a spot over the water. After passing him I glanced back to try and understand what had caught his eye – but I could see nothing – just a bleak tree backed by a sixties tower.

This moment reminded me of the reflections we had yesterday, one month after our visit to Israel-Palestine as a group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish friends. The Israeli organisation which led the group is called ADAShA which means lens in Hebrew and Arabic.  They accompanied us with great expertise, giving us multi-faceted perspectives, helping us to understand nuance and complexity, stretching our understanding and challenging our preconceptions.

As we met yesterday one of our local group leaders commented that to some extent we…

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2 thoughts on “The Subjectiveness of Seeing

  1. I have been wondering where this post had disappeared to – I thought it was connecting to the Deacon blog!! I must now try and do that … and double-check in future when I reblog. Thanks for your comments. It’s a thought-provoking reflection.


  2. Hi Gilly,

    For some reason only part if this post shows up on my tablet. My phone does better!

    I wandered on the first part of the writer’s journey too, seeking my own personal focus point. What jumped out at me and reverberates in the context of the exploration is, you cannot always be right. Again, in that context, I guess the corollary would also be, you cannot always have the last word.


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