Just a short posting today as I am up to my eyes in dirty nappies, meals, winding, feeding, washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc etc as I help my youngest daughter and her lovely husband to get used to their first baby. It’s so good to have this positive, happy time in my life. It’s such […]

Whom do we shut out and why?

In church this morning I couldn’t help but recall Jo’s thoughts about our innate prejudices, which I posted recently. Two men showed up in the service, both of them with social and behavioural problems, one unwashed who wandered around the place and caused great consternation amongst some of the ladies, who were obviously a bit […]


What a week it’s been. Youngest Daughter was 2 weeks overdue with her first baby and eventually was admitted to hospital on Tuesday. 3 lots of prostin and 48 hours later and she still wasn’t properly in labour. Then finally last night they got things going and the poor girl’s been labouring all night and […]


I have just come across this thought: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. I can think of other versions, such as: Tension is having to do things you don’t like. Relaxation is not doing them! If only it were that simple. Now what do you make of this?

Mothers’ Day chortle

My family doesn’t do cheesy cards, and I love getting the affectionately insulting ones they choose. Here’s this year’s selection: from ED: (pic of woman stretched out in chair looking exhausted): ‘Stripped of her youth, her energy and her money, she quietly reflected on the joys of kids.’ Ah yes. From Middle Daughter: a cartoon […]

Whom do I label and shut out?

In thinking about prejudice and racism, what negative attitudes are we ourselves guilty of? My friend Jo, a fluent German-speaker, went on a trip to Nurnberg last year and visited an exhibition which she found very challenging. She’s given me permission to use her report. “the most German of all German cities” … was how […]