Here’s another thing. Mum died just over a year ago, and in the year since then I’ve only been able to feel sad because her last few years were not easy or pleasant, for her or for us. She found it all so hard, and began to deteriorate in mind and emotion as well as […]


It’s a funny thing, but somehow, Dad’s death has had the effect of clearing some of the fog in my brain. All the things that are hanging around in there, half-done, seem to be assuming different proportions and more contrast, and I find myself being able to make decisions about them. I’ve gone back to […]


None of us can quite believe this. Despite a visit to them from the police and two letters from lawyers proving that the back half of the vicarage garden belongs to the church, the neighbours have now not only broken through our fence to get in because they are claiming it as theirs, but have […]


I’ve had to do it. Ironing. I’m off to Dad’s funeral tomorrow, and I finally had to tackle the wrinkly mound in the laundry. Got to wear something, after all … and got to look a bit smart, too, with two bishops coming to the service. Trouble is, I loathe ironing. It’s so tedious. Even […]