You couldn’t make it up, the stuff that happens here. The paddock has been a part of the vicarage garden since the vicarage was built early in the 20th century. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know how pleased we are that we’ve been able to get a community project started, with some guys […]

Remembering Mum

This past week has seen the first anniversary of my mother’s death, in February last year. I guess for most people the death of a much-loved parent, even at a ripe old age, raises a whole host of emotions, some of them conflicting: but yesterday I received a card from my sister which somehow articulated […]

The elephant in the room

Shattered after working until 10pm last night – I’m getting too old for this lark. Fraught council meeting. Hub and I had talked, discussed, prayed and even argued about the agenda and eventually decided to notice the ‘elephant in the room’ – but on the end of the agenda, in case things turned unpleasant. They […]


In our line of business we only get one day off in every 7, as weekends are work days. I could do with 2 :**:… what’s more, we have to take it away from the house (otherwise, door, phone, etc). One of the penalties of living in a house which is partly public space. So, […]


Amy has been coming to our door pretty regularly over the past 2 years. She is a beaten-down woman, difficult to tell her age, on her own with at least 4 kids. The eldest has worked as a prostitute, and social services took the younger daughter away when it appeared that her sister was trying […]