I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground much since we got home from Devon. Everything is kicking off this month and I seem to have been working evenings as well as mornings and afternoons – and two weekends in a row. I am feeling really tired, having taken Minutes last night at the […]


I have never lived in a place where there seem to be so many cowboy dentists. We’ve only been here 3 years and we’re now on our 4th. The first one didn’t fix my filling – just told me to take antibiotics in case of infection. How ridiculous and stupid. :crazy: So I went to […]


The Good Lord *got fed up with my whingeing* took pity on me, and when we headed off into the country for our day off, the sky cleared and the sun came out and our spirits began to lift. Lovely walk through very wet countryside, avoiding the muddy fields and sticking to the little roads, […]