Hub and I are squandering this bank holiday weekend, and clearing off to my parent’s house. The estate agent advised us to put it on the market immediately, and blow me, we had an offer very quickly and it is sold already, subject to contract. Which means, of course, that we need to clear out […]


Back to volunteering at the resource centre today in the city. Haven’t been for a while, what with my family birth and death, but was touched by the welcome I got. Sometimes it’s nice to be missed! Joyce in the cutlery-and-crockery cubbyhole has got a pile of boxes of unusable china for us to take […]


I went shopping with my minilatina granddaughter the other day. We abandoned The Mummy in the hairdresser’s, while we scoured the charity shops. In each shop MLG made a beeline for – guess what? (She’s just 5.) The toys? books? dvds? Oh no. It was the shoes – grown-up ladies’ shoes, pulling out the most […]


Today is the day we’ve been both looking forward to, and slightly dreading. It’s the day that the back-to-work team has returned to the paddock, after many weeks away because of nuisance neighbour and the boundary issues. I noticed he had re-opened the gate in the fence that separates our land from his – a […]

Visits and visitors

Thursday saw me following up a job offer – not paid, alas, – but expenses would be covered, and I would be doing something I believe in, which is important to me. Lots to think about. Friday night Second Daughter, her Hub and 2 littles arrived – one 3, one 18 months. Lots of shopping, […]


Ho hum, back to slaving over a hot laptop. Having seen Mighty Tutor last week, she who must be obeyed, I now have to lose 20,000 words from my thesis – because the university changed the rules, but nobody informed me until recently. So I am fighting with the mysteries of the author-date system, as […]