Pyramids of granite, faced with limestone.  The pharaohs Cheops, Akhenaton, Tuthmoses.  The gods Osiris, Hathor, Anubis.  The rise and fall of the Nile.  Mummification processes.  Cartouches.  Ushabtis.  Perfumed cones of wax on the heads of party-goers. All so familiar from – how long ago?  60 years, I reckon.  I was fascinated, riveted by the ancient […]


I’ve just finished reading a very eccentric book.    It’s called A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, written in the 1960s but not published until 1980.  The author got so depressed about not being able to get his book published that he committed suicide, and the reason the book saw the light of day […]


Yesterday we were all feeling miserable and anxious about Anna, and I took myself down to the beach and had a chat with God about it.  What was going on?  What could/should be done?  And where was He in all this?  (oh yes, even clergy ask that question sometimes!) In the end I just asked […]


So the decision has finally been made.  Social Services refuse to allow Daughter 1 and her husband to foster Anna.  Her father, in Lagos in Nigeria, has said that he wants Anna’s godmother to be assessed to look after her.  Either that, or Anna is shipped out to him in Lagos. Anna’s godmother has never […]