The Subjectiveness of Seeing

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Walking along the canal today I passed a man who was intent on taking a photo. He stood for quite some time focussing and refocussing a professional looking camera, gazing at a spot over the water. After passing him I glanced back to try and understand what had caught…


During this Lent I’m using a book called ‘The Artist’s Rule:  nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom’ by somebody called Christine Valters Paintner.  No prizes for guessing.  Of course it’s American, and that’s one of the problems, because it affects the way it’s written.  It sounds a bit precious, and takes itself terribly seriously, […]


Pyramids of granite, faced with limestone.  The pharaohs Cheops, Akhenaton, Tuthmoses.  The gods Osiris, Hathor, Anubis.  The rise and fall of the Nile.  Mummification processes.  Cartouches.  Ushabtis.  Perfumed cones of wax on the heads of party-goers. All so familiar from – how long ago?  60 years, I reckon.  I was fascinated, riveted by the ancient […]


I’ve just finished reading a very eccentric book.    It’s called A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, written in the 1960s but not published until 1980.  The author got so depressed about not being able to get his book published that he committed suicide, and the reason the book saw the light of day […]