I had one more tutorial this morning at 8.30am when The Tutor was supposed to have read my thesis and give me feedback. When I arrived it was to discover, yet again, that she had read no more this week – not a single page. I took my frustrations out on the quotation marks and […]


I beavered away here in college for the first two days, on a mission to get the wretched thesis down to the magic 60,000 words. I finally managed it by Tuesday evening. Send it to me, The Tutor said. I will read it on Wed night, she said. I will see you on Thurs morning, […]


When we lived in Nigeria we had our own saying: ‘the work is the interruptions!’ I remember writing an airmail to someone one day (remember those?) and saying that I had had 20 minutes that day without any interruptions – unheard of. So I suppose, having been properly trained in the school of interruptions, I […]


(view from Ranworth church tower) Just back from a few days away, staying in a friend’s house in Norfolk while she’s in the south of France. How the other half live! Not that I’m complaining. I’d no idea how shattered I was until we arrived, and I was pretty well inert for the first few […]


Have you noticed how often men call women ‘bossy’? As far as I can see, it is usually in the context of the women trying to get something done, and the men not wanting to cooperate. In this context it’s an unacceptable word – it is pejorative, even abusive, and it puts down the woman, […]