Well, the last bit of cake has been eaten, the last person has gone home, and we are putting our feet up. Yup, our vision day went really well. Turn-out was poor, but we expected that (NO CAKE FOR YOU IN FUTURE, WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!:no:) but the three of us had worked really […]


:yawn: Sooooooooo tired …… and I’m getting sent to Coventry again tomorrow Hope I feel less geriatric in the morning! Sleep well, all. :zz:


Yes, back to it. Baby fun on hold – apart from spasmodic admiration for GG’s progress towards crawling. ;D Busy preparing for our ‘vision day’ on Sunday – writing dramas, creating a board game, etc. Yes sirree – if you don’t have fun in our church, it ain’t worth doing! You guys have fun too […]


Have Youngest Daughter and Gorgeous Youngest Grandson staying at present. Eldest grand daughter came over last night and stayed the night WITHOUT HER MUMMY – very big and brave – but so thrilled at sleeping in the same room as baby cousin that mum was comprehensively upstaged. Who are the most fabulous grandchildren in the […]