Yes, I can hear you cry, you’ve been off for a long time 😉

We are beetling off to Devon this week to stare at our retirement flat, take some measurements and start thinking about What To Do Next :??:

We’re moving and retiring at the end of May, but I want to get some basics sorted out before we go so it will be easier once we finally move in!

Haven’t had ANY time for thinking about it so far … but no doubt we will make it up as we go along!

First priority I think |-| is working out how to build storage into the flat, as there are no fitted cupboards etc.

That’ll keep us quiet for a while :yes:

As there’s no broadband (yet) at the flat I won’t be on here for a while, so take care and talk to you soon! :wave:


42 thoughts on “OFF AGAIN

  1. Gosh….all exciting stuff! I love the newness of a new homw and wondering where on earth stuff will fit and go and so on….have a smashin time..I’m off to the lakes soon so will catch up with you in a week or so.xxxxx


  2. You are going to be occupied. It’s not really a slow stroll into retirement, is it. It’ll be more like a steam roll through it to the other side by the sounds of things.

    All the best with all the measuring and moving.


      1. By the time it had been held under a cold tap it was as good as anything Wayland made! although I am not sure if there are literature antecedents to doing battle with a measuring rule. 🙄


      2. Who or what is Wayland? I have found some interesting reference that really don’t seem to be quite up your street.

        What has the measuring rule done to you?



      3. He was a legendary master blacksmith in Old Norse mythology, and is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon poem ‘Beowulf’ as the maker of Beowulf’s breastplate!


      4. Sometimes spelt ‘Weyland’ ‘Weland’ or ‘Welund’ as of course spelling was not standardised that far back. I find it fascinating that he was such a hero to the Anglo-Saxons, who of course were no slouches making superbly-crafted swords themselves.


      5. For my money, by far the best translation is by Seamus Heaney, who does it with the eye of a poet and manages to maintain the distinctive line divisions and Anglo-Saxon alliteration.

        As for the swords, just for fun there is a (silent) YouTube video of a modern master forger making the best of the swords found so far

        I find it all very fascinating and am constantly amazed that the Anglo-Saxons were so immensely skilled without, of course, any of our modern aids.


      6. I’m not quite an expert after watching the video – glad it was silent – however, it does raise some technical questions which perhaps, local metallurgical brain can resolve for me. Fascinating to see how people are playing with forensic design.


    1. It’s all taken ages so it was easy to lose track! Now lots of challenges as to how we can fit a gallon into a pint pot, moving from a 6-bed Edwardian vicarage to a flat! … apart from going down to our favourite pub and polishing off a pint there, of course 😉


  3. Travel safely…..:yes: Plenty food for thought…
    Mind you…having movved around a ‘bit’ might just – ‘just’ – give you an edge over others in the task of ‘downsizing’…:roll: All Good Wishes with the ‘process’…Hugs! :)xx


  4. OMG…didn’t realise you were moving that quick!!!!

    Well, I know about storage as I am sure many others do, wish you luck on that one. Is like Becci says…. “Got to be able to put the Xmas Tree away”

    Have fun and wait for your news.

    P xx


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