… in the west country, it would seem! When we got into the flat we discovered that one of the radiators wasn’t working, so we bled it. Then we discovered that the whole heating system had packed up.

At 8am the following morning Hub was on the phone to the heating engineers. At 9am two gorgeous dishy – ahem – pleasant young men arrived looking very professional.   The heating was fixed in 15 minutes. Hub then asked for a tutorial on what he should do if it happened again, so they showed him, very patiently.  And off they went.

Next it was BT who said they would come that day and put in our landline.  I settled in with my crossword book for a long wait … not a bit of it.  Soon after the engineers left the doorbell rang and it was a young gorgeous dishy (girls, you get the picture) telephone engineer.  He sorted out the line, said he would be back in half an hour, really was back in half an hour – and the phone worked Fast, focused and professional!

Hmm.  Now I wonder what would happen if I bleed that radiator again on the quiet


27 thoughts on “IT’S A DIFFERENT WORLD …

      1. You unrepentant sinner!were you put here on earth to ogle men?I can’t wait to see how you’ll behave once you move….all those sandy coves and beach huts….I’ll be living in hope of a bit of fun.;)


      2. Sites…………I keep getting offers of dating web sites but guess you don’t mean those!
        You’ll have to keep it all secret you know.I shan’t tell anyone at all.Promise!


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