Yesterday I did a (very simple) talk in church, a modern retelling of Jesus’ story of the man with 2 sons, one who refused to do what his father asked and then did it, and the other who said yes, but didn’t.

Afterwards a man came up to me and said he was worried about me and thought I needed help.   He handed me his business card.

He’s a counsellor … 


37 thoughts on “THE TROUBLE WITH ME IS …

  1. Actually this is important.Someone we know is training to be a counsellor and she is the least suitable person I can imagine… but she is doing well training.Several neighbours have moved to get away from her.GOK what will happen if she qualifies….


    1. Yes, it is important because it suggests that this is something he goes round doing – I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve tipped off the clergy – if it were my own church where I was the licensed minister I would be having a word with him, explaining that this is not professional, and we’d ask him to stop doing it. But I don’t think that will happen here 😦


    1. He was worried about the family in the story, he said. Children shouldn’t have to do what their parents ask. And the psychological problems of the sons were clearly due to those of the mother, he said … :??: 😉


      1. His website says he has a BSc degree in integrative counselling from the University of East London … 🙄

        I had a quiet word with our Curate (who’s a trained and experienced psychotherapist) and he indicated that this chap was known to him as someone with emotional issues … :??:

        It’s rather alarming though – I would not be happy to send people to him :no:


  2. Good grief…she says picking her chin from the floor!!! I have NO idea what to make of that, I think I may have flicked his card back in his face, not very Christian I know, but hey….what a cheek!!!xxx


    1. :)) I was crouched on the floor in me robe digging out bits of bread from my bag, getting set up for the second service (when we’re on duty we always preach at 2, back to back) becoz I was wanting to use a visual aid … when he suddenly loomed up over the pew and waved his card in my face 8|


      1. Hahahahahaha…..oh dear…..can’t stop laughing!!! There’s nowt so strange as folk as me old dad was fond of saying! Now you mention it though, the crouching and huddling over the bag grasping at bits of bread may have given him the wrong impression!BUT….that’s still no excuse for his looming and wafting of business cards. NO sir!!!xxx


      2. Btw….were the bits of bread for the visual or were you a tad peckish??? It’s important y’see in understanding how the counselor perceived your mental state….oh….I’m having another fit of the giggles!!!xxx


      3. Well maybe we were both a little :crazy: … if I wasn’t before, I certainly was after!! He was very worried about the sons in the story, and how children should not have to obey their parents 8| and how it was clearly all down to their mother who had the real psychological problems … 88|

        How on earth could he have so completely, utterly and totally missed the whole point of the story, which I spelled out – that it’s not enough to say we have faith, we have to do something about it too …

        … I had a quiet word with the Curate in the vestry (who is also a trained and experienced psychotherapist) and he raised his eyebrows. ‘Oh yeah, him …. ‘ he said.
        ‘Is he a bit … ??’ I said
        ‘Yes he is a bit … ‘ he said …


  3. Interesting perceptions.

    I asked a GP once how he was, he was keeping himself pressed in the wall of his consulting room. He visibly had a bug; his way of not letting patients down was what I saw. He chestily grunted by a way of reply.

    Who is looking after you? I asked. His reply….

    “Healer, heal thyself”

    Mmmm? (a silent one on my part).


    1. :)) funny! but also a very good question to ask, especially of ministers who feel they need to be endlessly available and forget that they also need regular input and recharging of batteries … not that I count myself in this category!


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