So I had to have a blood test, and I was told to go to another clinic a couple of miles away.  I duly went, arriving on the dot of my appointment.

I went in, and was confronted by a large notice saying PATIENTS FROM XXXX PRACTICE (mine) PLEASE CHECK IN AT RECEPTION.

Oh OK, that makes sense.  But there’s only one receptionist on duty, and she’s having a long conversation with the guy in front of me.  There’s a barrier with a post which says WAIT HERE AND RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OTHER PATIENTS.

I duly wait, but get more and more anxious.  I am now late, and the guy in front of me goes on and on.

At last he leaves.  I wonder if I should wait to be called forward, but the receptionist is busy with her computer.  I march up to the desk.

Lo and behold, there’s another receptionist round the corner, completely hidden from view up till then.

Can I help you?

I explain.

So you should have checked in at reception.  You are now  8 minutes late.

I was here on time.  The notice said I should wait.

You should have checked in.

I hate it when people don’t respond to your comments, but simply go on repeating themselves.

I would have, but I couldn’t see you.

Go and sit down.

I do so, and am eventually called by the nurse.  I tell her why I’m late.

She stabs me.


14 thoughts on “BLOODSUCKER

  1. Argh! What’s wrong with people???? Every time I accompanied daughter to her appointments while pregnant was something of challenge. No receptionists, just machines to couldn’t check into….it was like being in a maze. No matter how early we arrived we always ended up late and stressed!xxx

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    1. I did wonder about lodging a formal complaint …


      1. Wouldn’t be such s bad thing to do. Frustration can breed inertia. At least the unacceptability of your experience would be formally recorded.


      2. You’re right, but at present I’m not well enough to take it on.


      3. So sorry to hear you are not well Gilly. I hope you will feel perkier very soon


      4. Thank you. I am deeply fed up. Ho hum.


  2. That is sooooo typical and happens to me often 😀

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    1. It’s bloomin’ annoying!! xx


  3. Grief! Stab, or jab with meaning? Anything in community-based medicine is an exacting trail. Every layer has gatekeeping functions….what mixes of power. It is the same further up the line too. Carry on being saintly and smile.

    Currently I am of interest to one of the few GP’s available – i could be useful for the CPD – and regular consultations are arranged. I am getting spoilt. Mind you, the appointments are quite well spaced out. It’s the continuity and relationship building which I enjoy, a real rarity. It is clear we are informing one another.

    Blood, So far, both arms are pretty accommodating, not sure about anywhere else on my personage.


    1. Did not feel very saintly – grrr! It sounds as if you’re an interesting specimen with a ‘proper’ working relationship with your medical team. That I guess is one compensation for having a medical condition which I’m sure you don’t want!


      1. Not wanting ‘it’ and moving on from some of it, ‘it’ is the interesting bit.


  4. Getting into an actual room with an actual certified GP these days is tantamount to the Krypton Factor’s physical challenge round 🙄. What a faff-ination! When my local surgery first had the ‘tap-the-screen’ sign in process, it was hysterical because you had to enter your date of birth but the software only went up to 28, so anyone born 29/30/31 sent it into meltdown.

    Currently my surgery is forgetting to confirm which surgery the available appointment is at. They’ll be back in special measures again before the year is out.

    Are you an easy stick? Big Sis and I are both terrible ones, hair like veins that go into hiding.

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, I’m a very easy stick … I have lovely veins. I could lend you one, perhaps …

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