Recently Hub and I trickled off to east Devon for a few days’ break.  We loved it – such a beautiful corner of the county.  We even had some sun!

One of the places we visited was the iron age camp, Blackbury Hill.  We’ve been to a number of these in the past and we always marvel at the huge strength needed by people then to dig ditches this deep and to throw up such big embankments.  These places also often have a kind of ‘atmosphere’ attached to them somehow.

Sometimes we wonder why iron age forts were built in those particular places.  Once I got going on the track that ran around the enclosure, I could see why.  The ground is flint.  Very useful for tools even though you have iron!

At first I thought the fort was just for herding cattle and people when the local community was threatened, but spindle whorls and sling stones have been found at the entrance, suggesting that people did actually live there.

So clever, our ancestors, I often think!



3 thoughts on “BLACKBURY HILL

  1. I am always astonished by how things were discovered by our ancestors…making bread from seeds and a mulititude of other things, trial and error I guess and by being observant, something people no longer are given they are always attached to mobile phones. I couldn’t see your photo…maybe re-post it?xxx

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    1. Thanks, Dina. I’ll take a look. So often we think of our ancestors as primitive and ignorant and they weren’t at all!


  2. How near water was the site Gilly?


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