The two children of Daughter 2 came to stay over new year, along with their mother and stepdad.  It’s a while since we’ve seen them, and Wizz had shot up – she no longer fits under my chin for a hug.  I wondered how else they had changed.

Wizz is now 11 and Danny 9.  Just before they came, we’d had a visit from Youngest Daughter and her two boys, 5 and 7.  So in preparation for Wizz and Danny, I put away the young children’s toys:  the shoe-house, the little figures, the pre-school garage, the cars.

Wizz walks in and looks around.

‘Abuela, where are the little figures?  And the shoe-house … ?’

Image result for toy SHOE HOUSE

‘Would you like the cars and the garage too?’

‘Yes please.’

Later I mention to son in law that I’d been surprised – they are so much older now, and have been on some very exciting holidays.

‘Sense of security’, he says succinctly.

I won’t be taking those toys to the charity shop just yet, after all.



6 thoughts on “NOT YET

  1. This had me smiling! Kids eh? they like to grow up in their own time, daughter was a terrible hoarder, I had to throw her old toys out on the sly. Obviously your stash is going to be around for a while yet!xxx

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  2. Those objects will have lifetime associations, will always be special. I don’t think you will be disposing any of them at all, not in the way you propose. It is heartwarming to hear of these delightful emotional connections.


    1. I really don’t want to pile up ancient things just because they make me feel nostalgic – apart from anything else, we don’t have the storage space, and I tend to be a ruthless chucker. However, these will certainly escape the axe for some time to come.


      1. I understand your stance. The kids msy want to have first refusal….


  3. It was the connection with security I hadn’t made before – being able to do the things they always do when they come down! I’d expected it to change as they get more sophisticated (hello, Kindles) but apparently not. I’ve got a baby grand coming along too – only 4 months old, but it looks as if those toys are going to be cluttering up our storage space for some years yet.

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  4. I have a fab picky taken at my great-nieces first birthday, with all her birthday girly young toys, all being played with by her brother (5) and two boy cousins (6 & 3). Great-Niece was playing with her brother’s batman *rolleyes*

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