I’ve just been on a writer’s weekend at a lovely place with delicious food, where we sat round tables for six in a room with a huge picture window overlooking the bay.

The following day I got chatting to a fellow guest.  She had been on my table the previous evening, keeping everyone entertained with chat and tricks which she laid out on the cloth, using first money (how can you make two rows of five with moving only one coin?) and then cutlery.  Thank goodness for extraverts.

As we stood there the next morning with our coffee she said ‘you were VERY CLOSED at dinner last night.  VERY closed.’

I heaved an inward sigh.  No, I wasn’t closed.  I have a bout of fibromyalgia that has so far lasted three months.  I was feeling shattered.  I had taken a conscious decision to listen and ask the odd empathic question, rather than talk myself.  I was, in fact, the archetypal introvert.

Was it worth saying?  Even if I did, would she understand?  I didn’t think so.  The world belongs to extraverts, it seems.  If you’re not chatty and outgoing all the time, then there’s something wrong with you.

Ah well.  That’s their problem, not mine.

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7 thoughts on “INTROVERTING

  1. Oh, you poor thing, there you are trying to enjoy a course while exhausted and having someone say such a thing, which, in my humble opinion is rude, insensitive and brash, does everyone have to be a magician at such gatherings, maybe she goes along to such events to socialize and hones her skills before hand! I wonder if she gets how aggressive such comments are, I think it’s her who has the problem, maybe she didn’t feel she had enough attention from you. A person to avoid methinks….xxx

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    1. Oh, thank you for such a supportive comment! I don’t think she was rude but she was a lady with loads of problems, and I found I needed to do a bit of distancing because I wasn’t there to pastor people, I was there as a writer … I did feel sorry for her though.


  2. So Let It Be…… Outside World might well belong to Extroverts….though they have little chance of masking their ignorance – or any feelings…often ending up with: ‘I wish I hadn’t said that…’ Hugs! ❤

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  3. Oh dear….you must be in a lot of discomfort. One day you may be able to write differently about the encounter, perhaps, place other perspectives on it.

    Good for you for not easing yourself out of the activity, though, it could not have been an easy decision or experience. The energy that is used when operating through a cloud of pain is phenomenal. I hope it eases soon.

    Best x


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