A friend posted this on Facebook recently.  I loved it.

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10 thoughts on “IF I SHOULD NEVER …

  1. It demonstrates the absolute wasteage as a consequence of bloody wars, the loss of talents of all types. So many servicemen of of all ranks of that generation could write, some soulfully, some musically and poetically. Others wrote skillfully, in clear hand with style, cleverly disguising underlying messages for domestic consumption. They made the ultimate sacrifice. The fruits of it, we, here, in Western Europe have reaped, till now. It was the ultimate gift.


    1. Some amazing literature emerged from both world wars. And the waste of life, always the waste. The ultimate juxtaposition of loss and gain, of bodily death and the soaring spirit. I love the way this guy sees beyond.


      1. Yes, the writer does examine his finely tuned senses in this piece of writing, his comfort, perhaps, is in those last sentiments. As you know, we have lost much from the civilian populations snuffed out of life before their true time.


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