I had part of my right thumb amputated last week which has held me up a bit with the writing part of my fundraising challenge for Tina and Anna. However, that’s nothing compared with what Tina is going through. She has just come out of hospital after 3 days of very demanding treatment for her liver cancer, which has been extremely painful and has left her very weak. It was traumatic as she was the last patient to receive the treatment, and could hear the others crying with the pain.  She’s now at home and resting.

Anna is being cared for by a church member who is taking her to school and to visit her mother.

However! I’m back at my keyboard and today have reached 22,140 words out of my target of 25,000! Best of all, thanks to your amazing donations we’ve reached 88% of our target.



8 thoughts on “88%!

      1. I only had three stitches in my toe, took them ages to find and cut them, not an experience to be revisited. Hopefully you won’t have the phase where everything bangs against the sore end.

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    1. Yes, that’s why I created links to some of the original posts so that people could enjoy the fun of Marie Anthumbette once more ! Amputation was originally mooted before we retired to Devon, but the plastic surgeon here settled for a skin graft instead. However, every time the nail grew back it was black, and last year I saw the discolouration was spreading away from the nail bed. Decision time! How are you Pete?


  1. Sounds like most things relating to this difficult process are going in a useful direction. The awareness of the number of cancers that people develop does not compare to the ubiquitous nature of the the disease, I sometimes wonder if people do understand that. We all know someone that has been afflicted.

    It is is fascinating how the interplay of therapies with our DNA is becoming better understood, also the broader and alternative uses of many chemical therapies. As a case in point, I heard that there was a useful bit of research with Thalidomide, I cannot remember for exactly what. There must be a number of drugs with notorious associations that are gathering dust in the bottom of metaphoric medical caskets that may one day provide a range of breakthrough and targeted treatments.


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