I was riveted, watching a guy digging apparently randomly in the sand on the beach yesterday with a garden fork. He had a red bucket and I could see he wasn’t just building sandcastles. I ambled nearer and he said ‘I’m digging for sandworms (lugworms). They make excellent bait.’ He showed me the wormcasts on the beach,

which you see all the time … but then pointed out that not far away was a little hole in the sand.

That is where the worms burrow, and the casts are what they chuck out of themselves … worm loos, I suppose …. ‘if you dig there you’ll find the worm between the hole and the cast.’ Suiting the action to the word, he produced a large wriggly object looking like a live bit of intestine.

LOATHSOME!! – but apparently the fish love it, and he had caught two bass yesterday just by fishing from the beach as the tide comes in.
You learn something every day.



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