I do wish we could stop behaving as if Armageddon was just around the corner. We live in a peaceful stable democracy with a standard of living the majority of the world can only dream of. Enough already with the handwringing. What’s important now is that we agree on the right questions to ask, and the most constructive way forward. I hope we can do that. If we can’t, then we’ll be wasting an amazing opportunity to shape our national future in a positive way, whatever we think of the results.

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12 thoughts on “NOT ARMAGEDDON

  1. It is getting on my goat all the public wah-wah, baby pouting, it’s not fair ranting … If you wanted to remain, stop kvetching your leave vote was counted. I’m getting old, taxi, one more for the grumpy old woman club :p

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  2. I agree, we need to focus on how best to move forward, for all of us in the UK, we do have a stable country compared to so many others. Change is inevitable, we just have to adjust to it, some may take longer than others but sanity has to prevail.Sometimes we just have to ride the bumpy road for a

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    1. Yes, wise words, and I think it will get bumpier before it starts to settle down. I just desperately hope we don’t waste this opportunity we’ve been given to take a new direction as a society … but I rather fear we will. Too much self-interest.


  3. Hi Gill,
    It is early days. Many sentient individuals need time to adjust in their own individual ways. Some people need to wring their hands and allowed the time to grieve. Better this than other less acceptable forms of emotional expression.


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