‘I’m off to Hove tomorrow’, I announce to the family.  They turn and stare.  ‘What are you doing?’  they enquire suspiciously.

‘I’ve got a blogbuddy I’ve known for years, and we’re meeting for the first time.’

‘So tell us about it’, they say.  ‘Male or female?? ‘

‘Female’, I say … and they immediately chorus  ‘you can’t be sure!  That’s what men say on social media to fool you.  He’s probably HUGE and beefy and covered in tattoos.’

I press on regardless.  ‘And we have lots of great conversations online.  Lots of spiritual stuff too’ …

‘That’s what they all say!’  The family’s on a roll.   ‘Mum, you’re being GROOMED.’

‘I’m taking Dad’, I say feebly.

‘Dad’s so absent-minded he won’t notice what’s going on’, they point out.   ‘And he’s going deaf so he won’t hear either.’

I rally.  ‘That’s why  I’m taking him.’    



16 thoughts on “GROOMED?

      1. Well at least you know what to do with that, some of the stuff i get is like nothing i ever get in normol comments telling me how they love my blog and its all good stuff, but because i dont know who they are and they are placed in spam i am left with nothing else to do but delete them for the best, some times i get ten at a time, shame really but risky stuff.xx

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  1. Hahaha…this had me remembering the first time I met bloggers, daughter had me a nervous wreck! Now I think I know the lovely lady you went to visit, how I would have loved to have joined you both…..I bet you all had a ball! Now if you two are ever up my way…

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    1. Daughter 2 came home and started using her fingers to denote quotation marks. ‘Hello Mum – and how was your meeting with “female” blog friend ?”
      There’s just no respect 😉


  2. Very much enjoyed the day – most relaxing! – but the south coast strikes us as almost industrial, compared with the little round green hills and red sand of Devon …


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