When we got home after several months away with our daughter, 2 weeks ago, the scaffolding was just going up round our little block of 3 flats.  At last we were able to get the exterior painted – much overdue, owing to difficulties with the previous owner of the middle flat (don’t ask).

The painter turned up on the dot of 8am each day – sometimes earlier.  He offered to clean the roof – yes please, we all said, and he filled several sacks.  He included it in his price.  Then he said that our soffits and some of our guttering needed redoing.  Well, we knew that – and even if we didn’t, our lovely neighbours on the top floor had been fretting about it for years.

He’d be happy to do it for us, he said, for a (very reasonable) extra sum.  So he did.

He worked his way round the building, cleaning, mending, restoring, painting.  Two coats of Buttermilk paint, with chestnut brown round the bottom.

Within these two weeks he was done, and today the scaffolding has come down.  Is this a record?

I asked him for his business card.  Someone who works as conscientiously as this needs to stay on our system!

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5 thoughts on “FROM SHABBY TO CHIC

  1. Oh I say! How utterly marvelous to find someone who is efficient, professional, does a darn good job and has reasonable rates! So glad you managed to find this guy…I.’d have snatched his card from his hand, I’m just wondering how far he’s prepared to travel!xxx

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  2. Agreed. I have done the same thing today. A wee card is nestling in my drawer. I have other cards too, having seen not just conscientious work, but a high standard of it, and a visible love of the work the skills the card holders are able to perform.


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