Today I went to have my hair cut, and a tall young man, about 20, hove on to the horizon brandishing a towel.  He invited me to follow him to a basin.

I sat down, said yes to the massage chair being on, and prepared to enjoy myself.  He does the best head massage I’ve ever had in a salon.

I asked him why he decided to become a hairdresser, and was intrigued to discover that originally he had wanted to join the army.  He was accepted and was trained to a good standard, but when the time came for him to decide whether to go away from home with the army to continue his training, he realised that he wasn’t ready to go.  He was only 18, he said, and he wanted to ‘live a bit’ first.

‘So there you were, yomping over the Brecon Beacons, and you suddenly thought ‘I know, I’ll be a hairdresser instead’, I commented.

I still don’t really know why there was this dramatic switch, but he seems very content for the time being, remarking that he can always go into the army when he’s older.  As I said to him, it’s a wise person who knows their own mind.

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4 thoughts on “FROM ARMY TO SALON

  1. Head massages eh gal??? Good for you. I’ve never had one. Maybe I should give it a whirl. I would much rather my child was a hairdresser, every time, rather than in the army. In fact I’d refer no job at all. Good for

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  2. A good head massage is worth its weight in gold. 🙂

    Some very interesting conversations can be had in the hairdressing salon, and of course, you can’t help but hear the other conversations that are going on. Some of them are ‘gem droppingly’ good. It’s almost de rigeur to eavesdrop in the hairdressing salon.


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