To Trump or not to Trump?

Should Donald Trump be allowed to come to this country?

I have a hard time making up my mind.  One half of me thinks ‘of course – let him come!  We believe in free speech and a free press.  I suspect most of us will laugh at his posturings anyway.’

Then the other half thinks ‘hang on.  Don’t we prevent hate preachers from coming to our country?  Trump is the equivalent, right?  So why are we even considering allowing him to visit?’

Your considered opinions are welcome!

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9 thoughts on “To Trump or not to Trump?

      1. So is UK … and he claims the police are scared to go into Brixton … and there are no-go areas for good non-Muslims in the country like Bradford … the man’s an ignoramus and a menace. The Chief Constable in London has said he will take him into Brixton so he can see how no-go it really is!!!

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      2. I cannot get my head around him. He is such a bigot that we think he must be stupid, an ignoramus. But he is a successful businessman so he cannot really be stupid. For me intelligence and bigotry are strange bedfellows, but maybe I am assuming too much about intelligence. It does not mean open minded

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      3. Yes, it does rather challenge our interpretations of ‘intelligence’! Isuspect that to be a billionaire you have to be utterly focused and pretty ruthless. What worries me most about the American political system is that the only qualification for running for President is lots and lots of money.

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      4. Trouble is, a leader like that means the world immediately becomes even more unsafe because of their bigotry and ignorance. Americans are no good at world history so they never seem to learn the lessons, apart from ‘sending our boys to fight/home’. IMHO No-drama Obama has arguable been good for greater peace, despite ISIS which is his legacy from previous stupidity.

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  1. I have no qualms about informing the said gentleman that his presence in the UK is not the best interests of the United Kingdom….
    Same as I would relate to anyone who seeks disseminate ‘hatred and conflict’… 🙄

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