A British soldier, Chris Herbert,  who lost a leg in Iraq has posted a ‘powerful message on Facebook’ to those who expect racism from him because he ‘got blown up’:

Full message here:


10 thoughts on “NO RACISM HERE THANK YOU

  1. Hi Gilly. Athelstan muddling through with WordPress. Excellent post (as usual) and a prime example of how the spirit of generosity endures. If only society were comprised of more like Chris Herbert and less like the two examples of ‘white Brits’

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      1. Well put Gilly. T already has a high media profile without having to spend much of his dosh. He is the equivalent of Alan Sugar. Trump is America’s face of The Apprentice. There are 16 or 17 republican candidates in the field, of them, Trump is the most readily named. Whether it will translate into presidential votes remains to be seen, but…… that’s where I would ‘stop the world ‘cos I would wanna get off’!!

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