Well, I now have my biopsy results and sadly the in-situ melanoma has migrated, which will mean more surgery.  I had a phone call from my previous hospital yesterday telling me to come for a follow-up – once more, I explained I had moved etc etc.  Anyway, the dots are finally getting joined up and I will hear from the local hospital sooner or later.

Meanwhile we’ve successfully moved house for daughter, who was on nights all weekend.  Flat-pack furniture is being built, boxes are getting unpacked, bookcases and the piano are being moved around, and we are remarkably straight, considering.  While Hub wields screwdrivers my job has been to get the machine ticking over – meals cooked, washing done, grandchildren settled …

Daughter 2 continues to work ridiculous hours and gets home at night looking shattered.  It’s nice to be able to mother her a bit – sit her down, put a hot meal in front of her and pack her off to bed!

(image from shrewsburyhouses.co.uk)

18 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. So sorry to read this and also that I have only just discovered how to find the notifications of your posts………. I never log in to wordpress but today just now I did and found notifications for your posts that I had no idea about…. am so sorry…. will catch up on your news.. Happy New Year whilst I am at it… lots of love xxx

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  2. Hi Gilly,
    Keggy here. I have been a bit tardy in following up my friends from the other blog. But here I am. Sorry to hear that your thumb is still not right. Sounds like you are getting some expert help with it though. Wishing you all the best with it. Will attempt to check in here from time to time and catch up with your news. Glad you are enjoying mothering the girls again.
    Take care
    Lots of love
    Caroline x

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  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that darn thumb is playing up. Good luck with the surgery and take good care of yourself! It sounds like you could do with a rest too. Good to hear all went well with the move. That box piccie is fab! xxx

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  4. (Hm, I posted earlier from my ipad, it seems the comment did not get through. Glad I checked).

    Gilly, I am truly sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations. Do you have a date for treatment?

    It must be great having the kids in tow and being able to mother daughter a bit. She must be glad to be with you.

    Take care of yourself. Do let us know how you get on.

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