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Last night’s attacks in Paris highlight again that extremism is tarnishing not only faith communities but also working to divide the peace-loving society we live in.

The cries of the innocents as they went about their daily business ring in our ears and our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.

At times like these we see the worst in humanity, but also the best of humanity. We look at the Emergency Services and those members of the public who quickly moved to help and save their fellow human beings and we should realise that within them is the humanity and love we ALL aspire to. We pray that they all return safely to their families.

MCEC calls on all communities to stand firm and united in saying there is no place for extremism or violence in any faith. Whether you are praying in a house of worship in ‪Nigeria, having a coffee in ‪‎Lebanon, laying on the beach in ‪Tunisia, visiting a hospital in ‪Afghanistan, or watching a football match in Paris, it seems that no one is safe from these acts of senseless violence. Faith is never a reason for violence.

This attack is an attack on mankind. An attack on all of us – Parisians, Non-Parisians, Muslims, Christian, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, people of faith and of no faith. Our duty is to stand united and send a clear message: “We will not let the terrorists win by dividing us.”

We stand with you Paris.

#notinourname #unitedagainstterrorism

From the Muslim Community and Education Centre Facebook page:



  1. If it is possible that anything good can come out of the Paris bombings it might be that people are at last more sympathetic to the plight of being an innocent Muslim – I certainly felt great sympathy for the ordinary Muslim and it does feel as if Immams are now addressing the whole issue of radicalisation more….. If the terrorists were calling themselves Christian it would just be so mortifying for those of us who aspire to be Christians………

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  2. I really feel for Muslims,I wouldn’t want to be one in the wake of this latest crisis….how fearful of reprisals they must be…. I want to believe that most people are moderate, of all faiths, or of no faith, and I wish posts and declarations like this could get more publicity. Thanks for putting this out there

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