When I went to Marks and Spencer today to investigate their sale, the first thing to greet me as I walked through the door were life-size hoardings of women of all shapes and sizes modelling some of the underwear. Quite a few of us women stopped and looked, and commented appreciatively about the fact that they are far more normal-looking and therefore far healthier models than the sort we usually see on the catwalk.

In fact although they all look so beautiful and well, they are advertising cancer awareness: nearly all of them are breast cancer survivors. What a brave, brilliant image.


6 thoughts on “BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL

  1. That’s a lot better than i saw in M&S at the end of last week. We don’t have a large store, that said, it is the only one in the far north of Scotland serving the populations of a huge land mass. I saw quite a bright lit floor space, nothing too exciting. What did catch my eye were the dregs ends of sales goods at 60% off scattered through the main sales rails. Someone might have been lucky, if the designs matched the individual and the materials looked robust enough to survive a bit of wear. I can think of organisations that would have been glad to re-model those garments for those in need. The same would apply to other chain stores that sell clothing. What doesn’t shift in sales could be put to good use for a nominal or at-cost lump sum.


    1. Yes, I wasn’t impressed with the sales either. I imagine some of that stuff ends up in outlet stores with a third of the price off. I wonder what happens to unwanted sales items? Do you happen to know?


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