Yes – THAT Widecombe Fair!  Held yearly in September at Widecombe in the Moor on Dartmoor.  Hub and I decided we had to go.  The weather was lovely, breezy and sunny, and we left the car at a well-organised car-park at the top of the moor and caught buses with everyone else, as the roads were closed around the village.

There were thousands of  people there, and all sorts going on.  First and foremost, of course, there was Tom Pearce on his grey mare:grey mareThere were lots of competitions, including for the fastest sheep-shearer:IMG_3743

The prize for the best town crier went to the man from Lichfield.  Oyez it did:


Most delightful of all were the dog and duck demonstrations – sheepdogs herding ducks  through tunnels and over slides!IMG_3772We listened to excellent music and, fortified with pasties and cider, made our way home after a lovely day.

Here are the King’s Singers having fun with Ol’ Uncle Tom Cobley an’ all:


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