So this week I have been on my own, as Hub is away at a conference in Finland.  He keeps sending pictures of his quiet walks through the trees and by the lake near his conference centre …

Meanwhile I have been enjoying a Quiet Time.  It’s been a busy few weeks, with extra services (the curate has been away on placement), family staying, followed by a visit from my best and oldest schoolfriend, followed by The Wedding, followed by our son and his wife staying, followed by getting ready for Finland.

So I have been beavering away at one of my writing projects, but in my Hubless state there have been one or two Moments.

I put on some baked beans to heat through, wandered off to work on some writing, and went back to find them boiling away furiously and burning on the bottom.  And, gentle reader, I ate it.  Burn and all.  It was quite nice and crunchy.

Then I haven’t been sleeping all that well. I was awake 3 hours last night. and the same the night before.  I finally dropped off in the early hours yesterday … until the neighbours banged on the door and, not getting an answer, resorted to phoning me.  Was I all right?  The curtains were closed all round the flat and they were worried about us.

Aren’t they lovely?  I thanked them this morning.

Oh, that’s all right, they answered perkily.  We’re used to looking after old people.

They are 80.

Just as well Hub is back tomorrow evening.

image from waitingforthecircus.com


14 thoughts on “A WEEK ON MY OWN

  1. Your neighbours had me laughing! I never close my curtains so no-one knows when I’m up!
    A weeks peace after all the excitement sounds just the thing, burnt beans an all! It’s good to be able to do what ever you like now and then…..shame about the sleepless nights though, it’s funny how that happens every so often, active mind most likely!xxx


    1. I think you’re most probably right, SB … I did a lot of work writing my memoir last week so my mind was working overtime. Poor thing. It isn’t used to it – in fact it’s not used to ANY work at all 😉


  2. You are like me i am waking up very early. i love that your neighbours are eighty and are used to looking after old people it made me laugh what sweet people. Have a great day, oh and i hope you are mastering windows 10,lol. I could not leave my blog here i love it and some of the people are lovely. I have changed my name from avenscent to freespirit because i was bored with having it so many years.XX

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    1. Really pleased about that, Jane! No, I haven’t mastered windows 10 – I can never find documents I’ve saved, and what’s more, my son who is very IT-savvy doesn’t know what happens either. I have to keep using the search facility 😦


  3. sleep is a restless sea at times, at others it is just out of reach, then when it does come, it can be fickle. It is good when you are wrapped snugly into a welcome sleep. It takes a while to be sole possessor of your bed when you are used to having the warmth and comfort of your partner.

    Ever tried resting a ‘v’ shaped pillow flat and almost turned into an ‘L’ (long side nearest you) on the empty side of the bed?

    I recognised the call of other things. Crunchy BB’s can be very good, provided the saucepan is not beyond redemption! I hear Mexican food is renowned for twice or thrice cooked beans.

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    1. Thank you, yes, over time I have developed a number of ‘tricks’ – the most important being to abandon a sense of anxiety about the sleeplessness. After all, I no longer have to get up for work tomorrow. So getting up and having a snack and a hot drink often does the trick – in this case I read some more of my novel too. Then the night before last was excellent. And Hub arrived home safely last night 🙂


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