When you decide to drive along a very narrow Devon minor road, you have to accept that there may be a few sticky moments.  And so it proved.

‘Let’s go home a different way,’ carolled Hub happily.  ‘Instead of driving along the valley we’ll go along the ridge instead.  It’s very pretty …. ‘

So we did.  And it’s the sort of road that really is only single-track, with high banks  and hedges on both sides.  All went well until we saw a MASSIVE Massey-Ferguson tractor ahead of us, complete with huge trailer.

The little red car in front of us started to back up to the nearest passing place, and so of course did we.   Whoever was driving knew what they were about, because they stopped in the passing place and whisked themselves right into the hedge, so neatly that there was room for us behind them, provided we too were in the hedge …

The monster moved slowly towards us.  All began well – but we weren’t as far into the hedge as the red car.  The huge wheels, as high as our car, trickled past carefully until Hub, watching anxiously, sounded his horn.  It really looked as if the tractor would take off our rear wing.

Everybody stopped.  He shouted to the driver in the red car infront, who inched forward cautiously.  We did too, and the tractor cleared us by a fraction.

This sort of size and scenario!  Image from


17 thoughts on “NARROW SQUEAK

  1. PHEW!!!! As I read this….my mother’s words in such situations came to mind….”Mother Mary and Joseph”….for some reason these words were only uttered in situations where near/fatal death was a certainty!
    Got goosebumps…SO glad all were ok!!! I really don’t like those narrow lanes, we have lots around here too, but haven’t had a close encounter like you just did!xxx

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    1. Well I’m always a bit on edge when we do take these lanes. Normally it’s fine … but then, if we didn’t take risks think of all the lovely things we would miss out on!! xx


  2. I know this well. You peer at huge and wide dirty black rubber teeth that revolve too close for comfort. Where I am, you have to think whether it’s safe to dive into edge bush cover. Ditches are extant and are often quite deep.

    Breathing is a great coping device once you dare let out breath to breathe in. Where’s your next adventure going to be?

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      1. Gravatar issue now resolved. What sits on your web page on this site is a Blavatar. The cartoon thing is a generic avatar. ( Alles ist klaar).


  3. Yikes – I used to live out in the villages and there were a few notorious narrow winding lanes where you prayed you would not meet anything coming the other way – and when the main road was blocked by the inevitable accident they became all the more treacherous. I remember at least occasions where tractors rolled into cars trying to inch their way past each other …. scary stuff!


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