Noooo … not me   I’m not that bonkers … but our curate Gary was!  The Boxing Day Swim for charity is an annual event in our neck of the woods, and Gary was raising money for the church and for other charities. 
They’re off …

boxing day swim

boxing day swim

… but they didn’t last long … 
boxing dayboxing dayboxing day swimboxing day swim
Gary’s straw hat stayed put!
boxing dayboxing day swim
…. and that mulled wine was most welcome 
boxing day swim

PS d’ya know what the well-dressed swimming curate wears on such an occasion? … clerical shirt and collar and hat but …. I noticed some wet suit emerging from behind that collar 

Covers a multitude of sins, that collar does … 


23 thoughts on “BOXING DAY SWIM

  1. Ha! How bloomin’ marvelous!!! I can just imagine them all building themselves up then racing into the sea….love seeing them all racing out too, and those CUTE little armbands! Respect to them all…..they are braver than me!xxx


    1. Well they had the coastguard and the St John’s Ambulance and the police and I don’t know what there, all poised in case someone needed help! Me, I stayed muffled up in my coat and under my brolly and took the pix 😉


  2. What marvellous fun ! Super costumes. I bet there was a great sense of cameraderie. Well done to Gary the curate (even if he was cheating). Fancy taking mulled wine. Talk about being well prepared :))


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