Now girls (and boys too if you have manbags) I am a bit pernickety over me bags.  Up to recently I only had 2, but any bag of mine has to have (a) a long  strap, to fasten across the body – thus foiling the efforts of muggers and bag-snatchers 

And then they have to (b) have a flap over the top.  I can’t bear fiddling with loads of zips when I’m trying to get out me cash/hanky/lip salve/brolly/grandchildren’s colouring pencils etc …

Last year Hub brought me a beautiful purple leather bag for my birthday which I love.  But then I found myself taking it down to the beach in the summer with the grandkids where the sand and sea water weren’t doing it any good  so I decided I needed a cheapy bag to cart all my valuables rubbish around.  And I got a blue one off a market stall for 10 quid with little birds on it.

And loads of people said how much they liked it.  I even had boys trying to do street surveys coming up to me and saying ‘Hello lady with the cool bag, would you like to answer a few questions …. ?’

Then a few weeks ago I was walking home.  A new shop has opened on the corner of the road which just sells cheapy bags and scarf and hat sets.  And my eye was caught, so it was, by one in green with a large owl on the flap with coloured stones round its eyes and on its feet.

You don’t need another bag, I told myself sternly.  And marched past with steely determination.

The the weather turned cold and I got out my winter jacket.  Which is green.  And next time I passed the shop I sort of drifted in, and somehow found myself outside 12 quid lighter but heavier by one bag.

So I started using it, and I was looking in a shop at a closing-down sale and the shop assistant came out.  ‘I LOVE your bag!’ she said.

What a pretty bag, said another.

Daughter 1 took one look and said I want one.  Exactly the same.  Owl, colour and everything.

As I’ve frequently informed Hub, I’m a cheap date really.


4 thoughts on “BAG LADY

  1. Ooooo!!!
    (Note the authentic owl sound there). Very eye-catching. I don’t know if it might attract muggers and the like though…? It’s a bit hard to miss. LOL :))


  2. Yes bags just have to be ‘right’. I have recently been trying a few on for size (as it were) and happened to find the right one whilst out Xmas shopping with my daughter! :>> SORTED!!!!!


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