Today Hub and I decided to have a day out and find Blackingstone Rock.  We set off in good time and had ourselves a very nice coffee break at an arts and crafts studio with lots of really beautiful things to look at.  But not to buy – these things are always so expensive – after all, the artists need to make a living.  Except that Hub decided he wanted a wooden top for his stocking …

Me:  what on earth will you do with a little wooden top?
Him:  I shall keep it on my desk.  And play with it from time to time.
Me:   so I bought it … 

He’d done a lot of prep for this excursion, looking it up on the internet, staring at the map, printing out the relevant section, etc etc.

So off we rolled in our trusty little motor through the narrow lanes and green hills of lovely Devon.  

We couldn’t find it.  There were no signs, nothing.  We stopped and looked at the map, and tried again.  And then we went off the map he’d printed.

We drove along lanes and up and down hills and round pine forests.  We knew it was there SOMEWHERE – but where was the blessed thing??

We turned right.  It was a lovely view but we were clearly getting further and further away.  Hub got out the OS map and had another look.

We backed up and took the next lane right.  This time we actually found the rock but there was no parking, and the map showed a car park.

We backed up again and looked at the OS map again.  

This time we drove past the rock but couldn’t see either a car park or a track through the bracken to the rock.

We turned round and went back … 

In Devon lanes if two cars want to pass each other then one of you has to back up to the nearest gateway or passing place.  We manoeuvred ourselves round another car coming our way,  and then wound down the window and asked where the rock was.

Just keep going.  The car park is a rough space on the right which has had some gravel put down, they said.  And across the road you will eventually spot the track to the rock … 

And so it was.  By which time it was blowing an icy gale and HAILING 

But we were feeling intrepid, so we were.  I muffled myself up in my coat and hood and gloves and we found the track, climbed the rock and discovered the stone stairway to the top.  While it hailed.

We climbed up the stairway, clinging firmly to the handrails, but when we got to the top the wind was blowing so strongly neither of us felt confident of staying upright.  So we went no further, and Hub, who was cold and anyway doesn’t like heights, got himself rapidly down again.  I sat on the step and took pictures, in the teeth of the hail.

Eventually we climbed down and went back to the car.  By which time the hail had stopped and the sun had come out.   And my camera battery had run down.  Of course!  
Next stop the nearest town and a nice warm little cafe where we wrapped ourselves round a hot cup of tea  … and agreed it had all been great fun …

Blackingstone Rock


  1. I am a little surprise the rock is not a more prominent feature. It’s been nicely rounded over time though.

    As for hail, storm force winds and anything else that comes with a weather bomb, we could share our experiences. 🙂


      1. We had thunder and lightening on Sunday, (my curtains were drawn so did not see the lumiere bit. There’s been lots of thunder tonight with short sharp light bursts. I haven’t dared look at the sea. A flood defence for two homes close to the harbour end of the waterside, which is in the throes of being completed, so far, has held up. May it continue to do so.


  2. Oh no. That is the sort of thing I do. Set out with good intentions and then can’t find the blooming thing ! Glad you did find it eventually. What an adventure though. And to add insult to injury, then sun came out when you got down again. How exasperating !
    It does look like a rather large dog t*rd. I hope it looked better in the flesh LOL
    What a well-earned cuppa for your troubles :))


  3. What an adventure and fancy persevering in spite of the HAIL!!!Well done both of you! 🙂
    And then to find a nice cosy café to warm up in and enjoy a cup of tea is always the business. Adventures are always wonderful – mostly so in retrospect though 😉
    Bet you sleep well tonight!! xxx


  4. What a smashin’ adventure, it’s always marvelous afterwards when in a warm cafe with a cuppa! It makes it all worthwhile…..what a lovely rock though, respect for battling up the steps in the wind and the hail, I have been caught out a few times in hail storms with the dogs, bloomin ‘orrible…..being quite high up must have been scary!xxx


    1. The prob these days is, that my walking boots slip on wet surfaces (which makes me cross) and I’ve gone all arthriticky in me right foot … so put that with wet slippery rock surfaces high up and hail … I decided discretion was the better form of valour!


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