And on the subject of donkeys … this pic is specially for davidjohn 

These are Tristan da Cunha women in the 1950s, riding sidesaddle on their donkeys to the Potato Patches which were 3 miles or so from the settlement, at the other end of the plateau where we all lived.  Behind them you can just see the men with the bullocks yoked to the carts, which would take home the potato harvest.  I learned to ride side-saddle like that on those donkeys – we often went to the Patches as my Dad had one (like a walled garden).  Happy days!




    1. I really must get back to me memoir …. :no: I need a prayer so that when I go back to it I’ll know how to deal with it – I’ve got thoroughly stuck!!! :crazy:


  1. Feel sorry for donkeys and the loads they bear apart from carrying people they really have to work for their living going up mountains and such with heavy goods bless…. nice pic by the way 🙂


    1. They are very strong and of course where people are poor their animals have to work for them. Most poor people look after their animals because they are their means of earning a living, but of course we tend to see the worst cases in the media. Our donkeys only had to walk on the flat plateau – but most of the time they roamed free so they could be anywhere. People used to send their children to find them and bring them home!


  2. Awhh. I always think that adults look too big to ride donkeys. They must be very strong little creatures.
    You have had a very interesting life Gilly. Thanks for sharing xxx


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