I’m sitting here at my laptop and looking out of the window, where the rooks are all congregating in one tree and making a real racket.  So I looked up the collective noun – apparently we can say a ‘parliament, building, clamour or storytelling’ of rooks.

Love it.  Think I’ll settle for ‘parliament’.  The noise is most reminiscent of the House of Commons at PM’s Questions 


18 thoughts on “PARLIAMENT OF ROOKS

  1. 🙂 I do love rooks and crows in fact…:)what excellent collective terms for them!!! I rather like a ‘clamour’ or ‘storytelling’ of rooks… but they are all wonderful terms!


  2. We have often seen the equivalent with sea birds on rocks, or, promontories. I am sure I have posted a picture or two in the past. Apart from evocations of rumbustious humanoid activity in a gathering under Gothic roofs the meeting of birds is very sociable, most of the time.


  3. We don’t have rooks in my corner of London, but we do have carrion crows, for which the collective noun is a “murder”.

    Rooks, crows, magpies, jays are corvidae – members of the crow family. Not the nicest birds!


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