Since last Friday we’ve done 600 miles … first to youngest daughter to pick up cot for newly-pregnant niece … then on to eldest daughter for a lovely relaxing weekend in the midlands.  She had invited my brother and his wife over for Saturday lunch – we had a good old catch-up and they were able to take the cot home for their daughter.  On then to second daughter in Surrey on Monday, where we had a free day before looking after Wizz and Danny while SD was away in Dubai for a conference.

She landed at 6.15am today but didn’t get home for 3 hours – the rains have been so heavy that they had washed away a part of the M25 – loads of cars had punctures … and three out of the four lanes were closed!

We took the children to school, gave her a hug and left her to catch up on her sleep.  We chose a route to Salisbury that would avoid the M25, arriving in time for lunch with one of my cousins whom I haven’t seen for nearly a year.  Nice food in the cathedral cafe!  The weather had cheered up too.  The trees with their autumn leaves in the sunshine were just so beautiful.

Now back home  … ahhh.  Feet up … 



    1. :yes: it is and it’s a new experience for us, never having had our ‘own’ home before (well, partly our own home anyway – the rest of it is owned by the Church Commissioners 😉 )


  1. Wow you HAVE been travelling around the country… but all sounds very nice and satisfying and good to catch up with people and everything. Didn’t know about the M25 business! Must look that up in a moment….

    Welcome home and I hope you have a nice and peaceful weekend – if that is what you would like of course!xxx


    1. I really don’t like all the travelling but needs must if I want to see them! We’ve got a quiet day now to recover then off again tomorrow to Taunton for the day – it’s the 70th birthday of a really old friend and we’re going to church with him and his wife and then having lunch together. More travelling 😦 but time with old friends 🙂


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