With the shocking way that women are treated around the world, this little video stands up for their protection and respect in India.



  1. I think some men do respect women but they are very few it shows in the attitude if they succeed at some thing its skill and if you do it its just a bit of good luck your having.


  2. I have seen this before and found it very moving and although quite a feminist myself (out of necessity) still believe there is a place for for respect and protection for woman from men.


    1. Sadly, I think you’re right :yes: Another thing I like about this video is that the young men are clearly from different backgrounds and faiths – so you’ve got the young Sikh in his turban and a Christian with a cross and a Muslim – it’s been very carefully planned.


    1. What is the traditional understanding of the role of women in your culture, Wasael? Would this video be relevant? I am sorry to be very ignorant – please don’t be offended.


  3. That actually brought tears to my eyes…. wouldn’t it be amazing if men did stick up for women in these places and situations….. I’m not holding my breath but I really wish and pray they would…..


    1. I find it very moving too. Feminists here are rather scornful – I saw one had commented ‘we don’t need protection, we need respect’ – but surely the two things are not incompatible. Especially in a culture in which women are seen as sexual objects and not people. I think this video shows a lovely way of showing respect by protecting her.


      1. I completely understand the attitude of the feminists…. and if everybody would respect everybody else then we’d have no problems in the world!!!!…. but when there has been a tradition and culture of treating women as sub human and to be used and abused, then the next best thing has to be protection. And laws. It is a move in the right direction is what I am feeling….
        And the sober truth is that for some people, bully power rules….and the only thing they respect is those who are bigger and more powerful 🙄

        But it was so nice to know that not all men from such cultures are psychopaths…. such a relief that there is good out there not just bad :yes: I see this video as a start in the right direction….???


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