“And prayer is more
Than an order of words, the conscious occupation
Of the praying mind, or the sound of the voice praying.
And what the dead had no speech for when living,
They can tell you, being dead: the communication
Of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”

(T S Eliot, Little Gidding)


(For Christians, All Hallows’ Eve is the remembrance of those who have died in the faith of Christ. ‘Hallow’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘halwe’, meaning holy, or a saint. The resurrection of Jesus means that those who live in his life, whether alive or now in his nearer presence, are one, and so our prayer is one).

PS the word ‘saint’ did not originally mean ‘specially holy’ but simply ‘a believer in Christ’.


6 thoughts on “ALL HALLOWS’ EVE

  1. I helped out at a children’s Halloween party last night. The woman who organises social events initially thought it was inappropriate to celebrate Halloween in church. But when the vicar explained the meaning of All Hallows’ Eve, she was convinced. Before the torch light procession in costume took place, the vicar did a short service for the children explaining about the evening. He did a short slide show and brought a carved pumpkin into the proceedings. I didn’t see much of it as I was in the kitchen putting out the food, but when I looked round the door of church I could see they were all sitting quietly and were completely rapt. It was a fun evening. I even dressed up in a Halloween costume myself !


  2. 🙂 Always strikes me as such a curious icon with them almost eyeball to eyeball |-| :)and St Peter looking anxiously at the tuft on St Paul’s head but they make a heart shape together and it is so sweet. St Paul has a blissful look in his eye but they both look so at peace together too… 🙂
    The poem is lovely too though slightly goes over my head as usual. A friend gave me the book with all these poems in but I still haven’t managed to read it 🙄 I mean I read it but failed to ‘get it’ 🙄 duh! I am a poet’s dunce!


    1. :)) yeah – we are all dunces at different things! That icon means a lot to me, because when we had an Anglican youth team out to run a holiday club in an Orthodox parish in Romania (first time ever) we needed to send a signal to people helping them to understand the spiritual meaning of what we were doing, in Orthodox terms. So I settled on this icon, pointing out that the older apostle is embracing the younger, and I put it up alongside a photo of Mihai (who was in his 70s) the priest, with Keith (who was in his 40s, the youth leader from Coventry), holding the icon and maintaining the same embrace. We were trying to send the message that the older church (the Orthodox) should be encouraging younger denominations (like the Anglicans) instead of always being at war with everyone else who wasn’t Orthodox … 🙄 … all part of our reconciliation thang 😉


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