Well stripe me pink.


Good heavens.  Fancy that, flipping nora and gracious me.  Who’dathought it??

So there I was, sounding off on this very blog yesterday, having a fine old rant … and this morning we go, in obedience to a three-line whip, to a clergy day with the New Bish.

And he only got up and said all the things I’ve been saying.

EV-RY-THING …   – couldn’t believe my ears.  And then some.

Afterwards, I was slated to have a chat with the Assistant Bishop about deacons in this diocese.  And you might not be surprised to know that I have some revolutionary ideas…  Well, I think so anyway 

Halfway through the discussion AB calls in New Bish and tells him to meet me.  He explains who I am and tells him I have some rather revolutionary ideas … and when I tell them to NB a big grin spreads over his face and he says ‘you won’t hear me disagreeing with any of that, Gill’.  

Two bishops agreeing with me  …  it’s got to be up there ! 



  1. Sounds very seductive. Who is expected to put all the ideas and goodwill to all peoples into action? Oh… and to see it through to completion and beyond?

    You haven’t thought about re-garbing and reassigning yourself into a Bishopric have you; I bet they – NB and AB – haven’t!

    All the best 🙂


    1. Rhetorical questions all 😉

      I have no illusions about the task and also about the reliability or otherwise of episcopal support … I dislike hierarchy but am stuck with it, and know enough of its ways to be well aware that people wanting change in a diocese need bishoply support. It’s a start.

      As for being a Bishop – not likely thanks. I cherish my freedom!


      1. What about the rest of the purple regalia?

        It sounds like bird life, relatively dull feathered females, while males of the species strut around with bright and iridescent plumes.


      2. :)) oh we’ve revolutionised clerical gear in the last 20 years! I never wear black and much comment in the church has been made about me pink clericals … 😉


      3. The kindly local lady minister for the Episcopalians wears black wide flowing culottes, usually a grey shade of top and her dog collar. During the Summer we have had, I saw her sporting a very wide brimmed straw hat which tied under her chin; it can be breezy here. That combination made her appear like someone out of the early 20th century colonies. (She did spend many years ministering in New Zealand).

        Even for a wedding we attended – and what a very lovely ceremony she managed – the minister deviated little from her ‘uniform’. I think she wore a loose white over-garment for the service. An English lady priest, (do you say priestess?) a friend of the family, who co-celebrated the service for the bride and groom, wore white robes with a trim of some subtle colour, so subtle, I cannot remember what it was.

        I am trying to visualise how pink – of any hue- would have appeared to us congregants in the official celebratory scheme of things from the altar.


  2. Well OF course they agree with you….you’re spot on about EV-RY-THING! Always!!! How good it must have felt though…..now, how do we arrange it so you can become a Bish? eh? xxx


  3. I heard the story from a friend recently of a Bishop calling in a clergyman in his diocese who was married to his same-sex partner. Bish asked him a couple of questions, said something mild to the effect of ‘tut-tut’, followed by ‘consider yourself well and truly told off’ before sitting down together over coffee and biscuits to chat happily for the rest of the hour assigned to the telling off.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I rather hope it is.

    Next stop; ditch the hypocrisy, and accept all kinds of folk openly.


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