BBC breaking news today says that the Nigerian military has come to an agreement for a ceasefire with Boko Haram, and that part of the deal is the return of the girls who were kidnapped months ago.


Recently three girls escaped, walking for two weeks.  They said they had been raped on a daily basis.  I hate to think what they are going through …

… there’s a lot of scepticism in Nigeria – so many promises by the government about the girls, all broken.  Nobody will believe it until they see it.

Meanwhile all I can do is pray that it will be true.

(Image from wbaltv.com)


10 thoughts on “OH I DO HOPE SO

  1. I really want to see these poor girls home, then hopefully they can get some help for all the abuse they have suffered, it’s disgusting isn’t it….if they had been western girls there would have been much more of an uproar.xxx


    1. Hopefully there will be people there to help them on the long road to healing … if it happens … and oh yes, our governments don’t jump unless it’s one of ours :no:


  2. Great news, if true, though if the poor girls have been raped, they will unfortunately not be good marital prospects in the eyes of most African cultures.
    What’s in the deal for Boko Haram? I thought they were in the ascendancy.


    1. Yes, we’re all wondering that. We recently heard from somebody who has been negotiating hostage release around the world and especially in Nigeria for many years. He claims that he has spoken to BH leaders who say that their movement is being armed and financed by someone very high up in the Nigerian government, in a bid for more power in the Muslim north. So they are afraid to come to a deal about the girls because, they say, they will be instantly executed.

      No way of knowing how true this is, but I have no reason to doubt the source.

      Those poor girls …


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