So after three and a half months in which I have trogged round the country looking after my family in various crises and difficulties, I am FINALLY at home.  Having a Very Quiet Week.

Particularly quiet, becoz Hub is in Albania  at a conference.  I was invited too, but I was so shattered and so desperate to spend some time at home that I refused to go.  OK, there were other reasons too … like not wanting to sit all day every day in a room getting numb bum while one speaker after another regaled us with learned papers.  And not wanting to spend a whole week with priests from other denominations who think that Men are Best and Only.  And not wanting to be at another talking shop where everybody agrees that it would be a very Good Thing if we Christians of different denominations got on better together … but then don’t do a blind thing about it.  I don’t have the patience with it, in my old age 

So here I am.  Very very very VERY quiet.  And getting lots of rest.  And … feeling blue.

Where is everybody?????  

But … I am going to do Some Writing.  Oh yes I am.  I really am.  I’ve got lots of interesting projects on the go and I’m looking forward to them.  

So go on, get on with it, you idiot  … 


23 thoughts on “IT’S NICE TO BE QUIET … REALLY IT IS

  1. You’ve made the right decision Gillyk! I’m sure your positive thoughts themselves will do more good than all the conferencing in the world. And don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling a bit inert – sometimes it’s exactly what one needs: to do absolutely nothing!


  2. Many times depression can come in after a crisis or after flu.. it’s depletion…but it’s still hard to deal with it…and one cannot always relax ought to enjoy it.Sometimes pottering round a few shops and having coffee,maybe take some photos of the autumn gardens or sea.Then when you come in,you might relax better.Go to the same coffee place so the staff know you.Watch the world go by whilst you muse…


      1. Sounds like you had a good idea of what you needed.I used to like ambling around York or similar cities..sort of wandering aimlessly and enjoying the buildings and the cathedral…


  3. Wow you have been so busy and I am not surprised you are now in sort of reaction to all that by suddenly being left all alone with yourself…:(… and really you maybe need a good several weeks of quiet before you’ll even begin to know how to begin to start on the things you need for yourself ….:no:

    It is a strange thing when you’ve been running and running in great hamster wheels and then it all just stops…. Be easy on yourself. I wonder if you might really need a good ten days minimum just to sort of unwind and debrief before you can start DOING anything…..! Took me a good long while after leaving work to be able to get to do anything…

    Funnily enough I’ve been feeling all ‘where is everybody’ – maybe it is as somebody said… that time of year.

    Aww.. look after yourself and don’t panic! Don’t panic that you need to be DOING… big hugs…xxx


    1. Awww Lilo, thanks for being so kind and understanding! Keggy said the same thing and I’m beginning to think that you are both right … I ‘should’ be doing any number of things but despite sleeping well (AT LAST!!) I find my mental energy level is really low. I have another idea for writing my Tristan memoir and started re-sorting all the letters, but I just can’t be bothered with it. And there are 2 other stories I want to get on with … but I just stare at them and think ‘Nah …. ‘ 😦

      Think I will take myself off for a walk over the headland and see if that kicks me into life … 🙄

      … and you are quite right about wanting to panic … oh heck, I should be phoning the bishop … I should be sorting out the 11am service … I should be …

      … hardening of the ‘oughteries’ :yes: 😉


      1. :)) hardening of the ‘oughteries’ !!

        A walk across the headland sounds the business…. I have kept going up the hillfort… so you are sort of doing something but nothing that will hurt your poor brain if you know what I mean! Definitely sounds a good idea!

        TAKE IT EASY!! HUGSxxxx


  4. How you have earned that quiet time! I can totally understand you feeling blue, you have been up and down like a yo-yo, emotionally and physically and finally being able to have a moment to yourself must allow all that stress to surface! Thanks goodness you are not suffering from numb butt and wasted words….I wouldn’t push yourself to do anything until you’re ready, you are human you know and need some PEACE!!! I’d go for a jolly good read and a well deserved treat….scone and jam….yes….that will do the trick!xxx


  5. Us lot, whoever we are, have been fairly quiet on ‘the western front’; I put it down to the time of year, better weather in some parts of the country, and a lot of alternative activities that keep people healthily occupied, (I hope).

    Then there’s the avoidance of numb bum while sitting in front of the computer battering away the keys of the keyboard to create whatever one creates these days.

    Sounds like your depleted emotional and physical reserves do require you to refuel them with a significant amount of TLC. As you say, hot air freeeeeeely distributed at conferences is unlikely to give you what you currently need.

    It’s a shame that all the stated goodwill to all men doesn’t translate universally. Suffragism still has a role.


      1. That’s insightful, Spicey … and also, because I’ve been so busy with the family, I haven’t had time to process my own feelings about all the problems and traumas … they wait until I’m quiet, like now, then all surface at once shouting ME ME ME … :crazy:


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