Well, Ian and family have just gone, after spending the best part of a week with us.  We are so immensely grateful to God that he has got this far, and was able to cope with the journey in order to have this break by the sea. 

He’s still quite weak, very little energy, and needing plenty of rest each day:  but if he paces himself carefully he’s able to do some of the things he likes.  It’s been wonderful to see him daily gaining strength and confidence!  The main issue now seems to be his peripheral vision, which has vanished.  The medics aren’t sure whether it will eventually return, and he has further tests in 4 months.  But he does pretty well, all things considered.

Youngest Daughter continues to amaze us – she is doing everything, looking after their two little boys, packing, planning, washing, organising, driving … it was good to have her here and to give her the chance of a bit of down-time to herself.  Meanwhile Hub and I were always on the go  with a four year old and a two year old to keep busy 

How do you rate a successful holiday when people come to stay?  I’ve settled on 3 things :

1.  lots of fresh air and exercise so little kiddles fall asleep IMMEDIATELY …. and sleep all through the night …. and hopefully their parents too

(Not me, alas.  Ever the insomniac )

2.  Plenty of food which everyone likes  … a bit of a challenge with the grandkids sometimes but I’ve got it sussed!

3.  A mixture of fun things to do and rest for everyone, so we’re all chilled and relaxed

So the furniture is all back in its usual place … sheets and towels in the wash … beach things rinsed and drying for next time … toys tucked away … cleaning, hoovering and bathroom-scrubbing done … Hub and I are ready for a rest

A very. Long. Rest. 
I am going to do as little as possible.  For as long as possible. 

Until next Tuesday.  When we go to Surrey to look after D2’s children while she takes major exams …

What are your 3 top tips for a successful holiday – when people come to stay with you, I mean


14 thoughts on “OF IAN AND HOLIDAYS

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Ian is doing so well, here’s to his vision improving. Oh gosh, you must be SHATTERED! And you’re off again Tuesday? respect Mrs!
    It sounds like you all had a good time, and you seem to have mastered keeping everyone happy, my tip is simple, if they come back you have it sorted!!!
    You have a lovely peaceful few days and do NOTHING!!! xxx


  2. Ahh yes the rug rats. My Great-Nephew [ 3 1/4 going on 15] so switched on, all about everywhere but he does pack up after himself [sort of] and knows what pocket money looks like and where I hide it!!

    A successful holiday for me, is getting there and back without disaster [being in a wheelchair it tempts fate too too much], it is good company and a balance of seeing, dong, enjoying, relaxing and pacing.


  3. 1) Food as you said.

    2) Time for proper conversation

    3) Other family members, places of interest and/or old haunts for guests to visit for part of each day to allow hosts down-time and time to keep their regular lives on track – – – oh, yes, and to tidy the house, do the washing and sort out the pots etc. which the visitors helpfully put away in all the wrong places!

    My grandmother had the saying that fish and company stink in three days, though some friends are so well salted that they will stay almost fresh forever.


    1. Ha ha ha – your grandmother had it right!

      Yes – downtime for the hosts is very helpful, when possible. That hasn’t been the case with the last two visits, as we needed to be with the children almost all the time to give their parents a rest. Adults, however, are a different matter. And if they are adults that sometimes take us out for a meal, they are more than welcome.


  4. You have all the answers; I like events where a camera catches the crucial moments, horses jumping, mountaineers climbing, harbours, children on the beach, sailing boats. Not everyone is so wedded to photography.


  5. This comments space could be tipping over with so many ideas, you’d need a rest once you’d read them, let alone made any decisions as to whether you could take on board.

    In your case, I advise several days real rest before you embark on your next mission.

    All the best for D2’s professional exams.



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