I sometimes feel a sense of despair at the appalling needs of our world.  It’s really difficult to know where to start, and when to stop.  How do we know who to give to?  How do we decide whether this need is more important than that need?  How do we choose one desperate situation over another?

Everyone will have different answers of course, but I like this from St Augustine:
Makes good sense!


23 thoughts on “GIVING

  1. That’a good approach. Alternatively we could give to causes which might not get the publicity and attention of some of the bigger more well known ones. Good post Gilly xxx


  2. You have touched upon the subject of giving,
    If we fail to He won’t be all that forgiving,
    When we give there’ll be showers of blessings,
    And He’ll be very tolerant of our trespassing,
    We have poor girls-orphans-in a school at Udupi,
    Being cared for by nuns which costs many a ruppee,
    Would my blog friends like to rally to this cause,
    He will respond at their kind gesture with applause.


    1. Thanks for this, Frank – let’s see how people feel after they’ve read it. I believe that people are already giving to a variety of very good causes, and this quotation from St Augustine encourages us to concentrate on those we know about.


  3. I feel the same, wondering how to spread out what little money is available to desperate causes, it is overwhelming…..I came to this conclusion too, we have to look after our own little patch of the world and those who cross our path…. then I keep a little in reserve for sudden disasters. How lucky we are compared to some, I often think about the accident of birth….xxx


  4. Sound advice….. and yes, it is bewildering, the huge multitude of needs out there…. Good to have a way of ‘choosing’ which needs you can realistically attend to… Brings to mind that ‘charity begins at home’ saying…..???|-|


    1. I tend to be a bit chary of that saying … too much time with too many parochial church councils refusing to give to the desperately needy overseas because they want to titivate the church building … :>


      1. :))

        I can quite understand that….

        I actually like it because when I lived in a shared communal house there were the very ‘right on’ vegan, organic, political activist types who went on and on about injustice etc and printed pamphlets and handed them out on street corners etc, but were the most selfish, inconsiderate people to live with who never did their share of the chores and came in in the small hours of the morning very noisy and slamming doors etc! |-| :))


      2. :no: I recall one night I was sooooo enraged because I’d been woken up just as I had dropped off to sleep and had an exciting mission up in London the next day, and I LEAPT out of bed and RUSHED to the room of one of the selfish **** and burst into his room…. and he was just standing there, still in his coat etc, IN THE DARK out of fear of me….:)) and he just COWERED……

        I didn’t sleep a wink after that of course… and was like a zombie up in London 🙄


    1. “Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by accidents of time, or place, or circumstance, are brought into closer connection with you.”

      Augustine the hippo, according to 1066 and all that 😉


      1. when he said that of course he was not to know of all the people around the world in need. His words, while good, do sort of preclude helping people we do not come into contact with. But I guess, as we cannot help everyone, it is a guideline to at least help some


      2. Even so, it’s a helpful rule of thumb – I guess our involvement in the wider needs of the world still come down to those we feel most ‘connection’ with, to interpret him loosely!


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