13 thoughts on “PRIVILEGE OF AGE

  1. Very thought provoking …. I hope if I get old and ill and infirm and suffer a lot that I’ll be able to find something to appreciate amongst it all and value and be grateful to be old and so on |-|


    1. I was taken aback when a Rwandan woman one day said she was delighted to be in her 50s – she knew so many people who had lost their lives in the massacre, and she thought she was very blessed to still be alive and able to get older. Sometimes somebody else can throw a completely different light on some of our cultural assumptions :yes:


      1. Yes indeed….

        Interestingly… well I think so! Having ‘my’ hill-fort to go up… gets me thinking how the average life span at the time of its occupation was apparently about 50 years ish… that always causes me to marvel…. I’d be dead most likely by now if it were way back then… kind of puts things in perspective….


      2. Eggzackly. And the other thing is, that when Hub does some of his family history, it always strikes me how much ‘older’ our grandparents were at the age we are now. Our health is better and our expectations have changed.


    1. It certainly gives me a new perspective :yes:

      I see Sheryl’s found the same image as me … just different words on it :)) It’s like going to a party and someone else is wearing the same dress :))


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