Some of our family are here to stay for a week, then after that Ian and family are coming for a much-needed break. When they go, we taffy off to Surrey to look after our grandchildren while Daughter 2 is away. So if I’m not here very much over the next month, you’ll know why ๐Ÿ˜‰


14 thoughts on “FAMILY AHOY

  1. Phew ! All that activity leaves me feeling exhausted.
    Glad to hear that Ian is well enough to visit. I will be thinking about him and hoping for a full recovery. He has been through a lot.
    And enjoy the time with the grandkids. It can be fun and as you say, ‘uncomplicated’. Makes s change from grown up stuff ๐Ÿ˜€ x


    1. Thank you!! the nice thing about being with the kids is that life is very uncomplicated … we spend our time working out the best way to make sandcastles etc … except of course when they are scrapping *hears raised voices and wonders whether to intervene 8| *


    1. Ian and family are here for a holiday next week, much needed. It’s marvellous that he’s well enough to contemplate it. He’s slowly gaining strength. The main concern is still his vision – he has no peripheral vision at present and if this does not return he will not be able to drive. Medics are uncertain as to why this is the case: it is possible that he will get back some of it with time. Time will tell. Thanks so much for asking and for your continuing concern. It’s very much appreciated.


      1. I hope Ian gets his peripheral vision back quickly. The threat of losing a licence is worrying.

        I recommend anyone who can to take the advanced driving course and exam.( IAM only ยฃ139 last year ) . so if anything happens which might challenge your driving your interest in road safety will be noted and be a plus for you. You get discounted insurance if you pass.


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