Yesterday I was idly listening to the news while doing something else, when suddenly I heard that a train had been derailed by a landslide in Switzerland, going from St Moritz to Zurich.

My heart leapt into my mouth.  That’s where our son and his wife are on honeymoon – what’s more, I knew that some time this week they were taking that train, as they have spent a couple of days in St Moritz.

I grabbed my mobile and texted immediately.  Got a very laconic reply from son … who then had pity on me and said no, they had been on the very next train.  They had no idea that there had been an accident at first, and couldn’t understand why their train was being diverted.

But they are fine, and I am extremely thankful of course, although rather shocked when I realised that they could so easily have been on the previous train.  Their guardian angels were definitely on duty! – and it was also a great relief to learn that nobody had been killed in the accident, although some were in hospital with injuries.

We’ve had a daughter with pancreatitis, a son in law dangerously ill with bacterial meningitis, and now a near miss with our son and new daughter in law. 

Sunday’s sermon was about Peter getting out of the boat on the stormy sea, and walking on the water to Jesus.  Faith does not shield us from the storms of life … it’s about keeping our eyes on Jesus, not on the storm.

But storms don’t half wear me out …


34 thoughts on “A NARROW ESCAPE

  1. Absolutely unbelievable what you and your family have been through this year gilly, thank goodness someone is watching over you and they had a great honeymoon. xxx


  2. Some friends are out in Iceland right now and there’s talk of another eruption…well so long as the whole Island doesn’t sink into the sea I suppose they’ll be okay.


    1. It’s the things that come out of the blue that people fear most, events they couldn’t have guessed in advance and haven’t prepared for. We’re so used to ‘controlling’ our environment we forget that nature at times is uncontrollable.


  3. Oh my! GillyK, I see it from outside. You are the mother of them all and because you are their loving mother, you have to have the strong shoulders to take all this on your back and keep going. “It do get awful heavy at times dun it?” Your armor is shining, Gillyk! JWXX


  4. Phew….I bet your poor nerves are shattered to within an inch of their lives! Good grief, what on EARTH is going on….you seem to be under attack from all sides! I shall imagine a protective bubble around you and your family and hope that’s the lot of it now. xxx


    1. Thanks, PP … please can I come and share the shed at the bottom of your garden with your little hog … and not come out AT ALL (except to scavenge for sandwiches!!) ?? 😉


  5. Oh no !! Why you and your family ? It seems like one thing after another. Glad to hear the newlyweds caught the next train. But what a near miss. Your nerves must be well and truly frayed :yes:
    As the others have said, here’s hoping for a non-eventful time from now on. 😀 xxx


  6. Crikey Gillyk!!! I can’t imagine what a horrible shock that must have been – hearing the news on the radio like that. How extraordinary that they had been that close to being on that particular train.

    I really really do hope you’ve had your ‘things coming in threes’ bit over – they have certainly been extreme…. your nerves must be exhausted….

    Big HUGS!!!xxx


    1. Thank you for the hugs … I need them!! I hope this particular ‘wave’ is over too :yes: :yes: Lots of prayer going on but I do feel a bit battered and a bit 8| … if you know what I mean …


      1. Not surprised…. crikey….8| well I guess you won’t be ‘relaxing’ anytime soon 8| seeing as ANYTHING might be waiting round a corner for you 88|

        More HUGS!!xxxxxxx


      2. Well next week Daughter 2 arrives with kids … then after they’ve gone Ian and family arrive … after that we go to Reigate to look after grandkids for D2 when she goes to Derby to do her fellowship exams … then Hub flies off to Albania … 8| 8| 8| and THEN I’m going to hie me to my igloo and not come out for a very very VERY long time :>>


      3. Gordon Raving Bennet!88|

        You busy beasts all of you! ALBANIA??? I won’t ask 😉 (Goes off to google Albania to find out where it is…..:oops: )


      4. Well Albania came about as an invitation a few days ago from our old mission … it’s a big get-together under the Lausanne Agreement (about world mission) of Orthodox and Evangelicals. And as the Bishop of Coventry can’t go, they thought of us instead :crazy: :))

        The Orthodox Church in Albania has had an incredible renaissance under an amazing Archbishop. He’s been a hero of Hub’s for years, because he is one of the very few Orthodox taking mission seriously and working it out from an Orthodox point of view. So Hub jumped at the chance of meeting him … even though he needs to put together a paper as well 8|

        But although I’m the one with the Mphil in Orthodox and Evanjelly mission 😳 … I don’t want to go … I’ve moved on from all that … and anyway it will be BULGING with Ox priests who do not think ANYTHING of women at all except to make bread … and it will be endless sitting through endless papers for days and days and days until I’m in a daze … and instead I have got the chance to hightail it back here and do some WRITING!!!!!

        So that’s why … 🙄


      5. Good for you! And I found it on the map. It is opposite the high heel of Italy. Ish.

        I’d be soooo done with those wretched priestypants Ox people too if I’d been through all that nonsense….. it is all just soooooooo yesterday…..;)

        Yes… let the men all wag their beards and shoot their great eyebrows about importantly and you crack on with some writing! 🙂



  7. Dear Me, you’re both very much on tenterhooks, and no wonder! It sounds like you could do with a total news blackout, a retreat perhaps. I am sorry for those caught up in the accident, however, you cannot help be relived and glad that those dear to you are okay.

    A chunk of chocolate is in order. 🙂


  8. Blimey, that was a near miss. You and your kin have certainly been through it lately.
    Maybe God has a very warped sense of humour and is testing your redoubtable allegiance!


  9. I do my best gilly! Seriously your story is similar to a little shock we had when our oldest boy was living in Western Australia. He worked part-time as a security guard. A late news bulletin announced a security guard had been shot at the port. It took a bit of time with phone calls and checking the news before we found out our boy wasn’t involved.


  10. Me too.

    Someone said to me a long time ago that there is no insurance policy with becoming a Christian……. in fact in the early church some followers were fed to the lions
    ( weren’t they ?)


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