Yesterday, in our quest to relax and unwind after such a stressful and busy month, Hub and I decided to go out.  He had downloaded and printed a walk to Denbury Hillfort.

But first, the essential cup of coffee at a nearby garden centre   Then every time we decided to go on to the walk, it rained – pelting loudly on to the roof of the cafe area.  Eventually though, the sun came out and we decided to risk it.

We found it without too much trouble, parked the car and started up the very narrow trackway.  ‘The archaeologists reckon this is a Bronze Age trackway,’ remarked Hub, ‘which means it’s about 3000 years old.’

Extraordinary.  My overactive imagination immediately peopled it with hairy people in homespun clothes ambling up the hill.  And I’m not just talking about Hub …
bronze age walk

At the top we found the remains of an Iron Age hillfort.  It’s not been excavated but we could still make out the double ring ditch through the undergrowth and trees, and we climbed into what must have been the original site for the settlement.  Cue imagination once more:  small round houses, pigs, chickens, dogs …

Amazing what those guys did, with only primitive tools.  They must have had some muscles on them.

And the sun stayed out for the rest of the day!



  1. Fabulous. Walking back into the past.
    My favourite place is Badbury Rings in Dorset; you can get a sense of the encampment on the well defended fortifications – though the Romans made mincemeat of them.


  2. As part of my work I spent last Friday dressed as Beda, a Bronze Age woman, telling small children about my life and showing them our wonderfully preserved bronze age boat, our large collection of bronze tools and weapons (and flint tools and weapons still in use then), and explaining our burial customs with them lying down first as Christian burials and then curling up as bronze age crouched burials.

    Great fun. I was a Victorian laundress today, and this Friday I’m a Victorian lady on a trip to the seaside.


  3. Should have had my metal detector with you ! Was expecting to detect this last weekend but heavy rain made it hopeless. I see stubble fields appearing so here’s hoping.

    Update on Ian ?


    1. Indeed, David – although I’m not sure whether Iron and Bronze Age dwellers left too much in the way of metal …

      Ian is OK at present, but has extended appointment this afternoon with ophthalmologist at the hospital to see if there is anything they can do about his reduced vision. I’ll know more when the results come in. Thanks again for asking.


      1. They did leave metal objects ……….. bronze axe heads are valuable and my friends have found a few. The have a green patina……… from copper in the material.


  4. 🙂 sounds a lovely day! Wonderful to walk in the ‘steps’ of people from thousands of years ago and to have the imagination to take yourself back in time 🙂 Funnily enough, was doing something similar with eldest brother today! We kept having violent showers of rain though! But also lovely sunshiney times too.

    Good to hear you have had a bit of relaxing soothing walking and so on…:yes:


  5. I love those type of walks, the earth is old and many have walked it’s different paths….we have stone age footprints on the beach which are visible at times and I wonder about the person who left them….I bet they never thought they would leave something that would last so long. Your walk sounds wonderful, right up my street….mountain….path….xxx


      1. On Saturdays, when going to the theological college, my friend and I drive through Newport Arch (the only Roman gateway in Britain still spanning a road. We both have experienced that frisson every time we have been through it since we were small children, and were delighted and surprised to discover this in common in our burgeoning friendship.


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