Well, our come-back kid has come back once more …. the blood clot is being monitored and managed so he was discharged on Sunday morning, in time for Youngest Daughter to pick him up and take him to church for the first time in a month.

He’s a brave man   – there would have been an avalance of people  who wanted to talk to him and catch up with him …

… I’m thinkin’, if  he survives that, then he’ll survive most things


26 thoughts on “LATEST ON IAN

  1. Super! Loads of prayers from all over the World! All we people who have been sending our heartfelt wishes and prayers toward his wonderful recovery. Hurray! for it is working because God is Good! JWXX


    1. God is good – all the time, whatever happens to us. He doesn’t promise to shield us from the storms of life, but he does promise to be with us in them. That’s such a precious thing!


    1. Exactement :yes: particularly as they belong to a huge and very lively church full of your families 8|

      Thank you for all those hugs! Even virtual hugs keep me going 😉


  2. It is almost a resurrection………… he was unconscious for sometime wasn’t he ? Maybe he should be persuaded to take things very quietly for the time being. Better keep praying for Ian’s complete recovery. David


    1. Yes, he was in an induced coma for about five days. There’s still no way of knowing what permanent damage there may be, but the fact that he can finally remember his passwords is good news indeed.


      1. Better write them down now…………. I have a book though dont always update it.

        There are so many now for everything from blog to bank account to credit card, to web sites …. never ending………… roll on ‘eye’ pattern recognition / identifiers using maybe web cam.


      2. I know – and he’s hyper-organised about his passwords with different ones for everything – and he’d never write it down, I’m sure 😉 Maybe he ought to tell his wife though!


      3. You have to write them down because sometimes a bank forces you to change what you registered and very soon it gets out of hand. Over a 10 year period the number of items to remember becomes very large.


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