Walking to our son’s wedding a week ago in Bath, in all our finery, Hub suddenly says ‘just a minute – I want to go  in here’ and he disappears into a charity shop.

Wot on earth???  He emerges a few minutes later, clutching a belt. 

‘I’ve lost weight since we bought this suit,’ he confides.  ‘And now I need a belt to keep the trousers up … ‘

Later, at the reception, he turns the belt over and discovers that it’s mock snakeskin.

Eldest Daughter immediately claims it.  ‘First of all, Dad, that is a lady’s belt (a fact which had bypassed Hub) … and second of all, it will go with my mock snakeskin shoes and bag

I was really pleased with my outfit.  And then disaster.  The wedding shoes which I had only ever worn with bare feet, slipped up and down horribly with tights.  I couldn’t walk without one of them falling off

So before the service I’m in the Abbey loos, desperately shoving loo paper down the back of my shoe. 

No good.  At the end of the service I hobble down the aisle clutching the bride’s father’s arm.  He must have wondered what on earth was going on …

We have to walk back to the guest house after the service to get the car to take us and  our relatives to the reception … this time it’s me who ducks into the Pound Shop.

In me finery, complete with fascinator, I stand in the queue with a packet of … heel grips.

Eventually I get outside where sis and bro in law are standing a good distance away all but whistling.  We’re not with her

And no, the heel grips didn’t work either.

Never mind … not much walking after that – more, lots of sitting down and eating



  1. Hahaha, o these are the anecdotes that add memories to the day 🙂 Wonder what your fellow Poundland shoppers thought of seeing a fascinatored lady hobbling up and don the aisles.


  2. Hahahahaha…..wot a nightmare re the slithering shoes! That happened to me once and I tore the feet out of the tights and pretended the tights were bought like that. They actually looked rather fashionable! Wot are you two like???? Love it.xxx


  3. :))How awful with the slippy offy shoes…. nightmare! Can just imagine the whole panicky stuffing toilet roll down the backs in the loos thing!!…. oh you poor love! :)) and imagine you sort of slidey-skating up the aisle…..:)) Awww…..! Am sure nobody noticed or had a clue! Am so glad one of your shoes didn’t shoot off and skitter along the floor making a great noise…:))

    Glad it all went well in spite of the belt and shoe situations! And glad to hear Ian is home and getting his memory back…..:yes:


    1. I KNOW – the shoes thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8| Wot am I like :**:

      Yey – it’s fantastic news about Ian but I’m still praying hard becoz he’s not there yet :yes:


  4. Where would we be without Charity Shops ? I wonder when government computes gross domestic product{ GDP} how charity shop recycling fits into the picture………. if everything was recycled we’d only need to manufacture for a very small market and for export. ( Would efficient recycling create a recession ? )

    How is Ian tonight ?


    1. That’s a very good question, about recycling!

      I was stunned to get a text from our youngest daughter: Ian was discharged this morning, and what’s more, went straight to church with his family. His blood clot is still there but being ‘managed’ … and his memory is beginning to return – very necessary, as he’s the only one who knows all his passwords!

      So there’s some rejoicing here tonight :yes: Thanks for asking and for your concern and prayers.


      1. Our MP is the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and for sometime I have thought of asking him whether the recession might have ended sooner if recycling was properly taken into the
        equation; so I will do it tonight.

        So glad to hear Ian was out of hospital and in church……….. miracles do still happen.


      2. They certainly do. Our surgeon daughter, who has been closely in touch with the medical staff throughout, considers that Ian’s recovery is miraculous :yes:


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